Anonymous: We have the same motherfucking phobia

THANK GOD because some of my friends didn’t even believe me  when i said that i have trypophobia they were like “dude they’re just…. textures” and i was like ok guess what just eat those “”“textures”“” oh my god to me they will always be one of the most horrifying things anyone could ever see :/

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did i actually save or did i imagine it? better save eleven more times

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Anonymous: seriously trypophobia

yes. i’ve known about my strange fear of bumps/holes that are close together (or just strange irregular patterns) since i was 7. everytime i see those i get goosebumps and mostly i feel like i want to pass out (almost did one time l o l)

but i didn’t know there was a name for it until like 2 years ago

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Inbox me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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sunglasses emoji only wears his shades to hide the tears

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Anonymous: hahaha why didnt u wanna meet him? it didnt end on good terms or what?

i honestly don’t know i just don’t feel like meeting him. no it ended on good terms but it still seems kinda strange to me… even talking to him on chats :/ so i figured i had to find a lie to get out of this and i did hAHhahAHHhahA am i a bad person 

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compassofdesires: Hi,how are you ?:3

surprisingly fine after a long hard day of lying my ass off to avoid meeting an ex lmao hi hello and how was your day friend? :3

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howedass replied to your post:im bored haaah

x cuse me gO AWAY 

also heres a banana in case you’re hungry

(and julian in case you’re //thirsty)


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PULL-IN didn’t pay me.

do we think antoine likes spongebob so much bc they kinda look alike or nah

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Anonymous: how old is ur blog

….5 years old oh my god

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im bored haaah

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lukas podolski is everything this cruel world needs

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Happy first birthday, Prince George!

“He was very lively, very confident and very sure of himself. He’s a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I’d have to say his dad, William.” - Photographer John Stillwell

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TITLE: neuer speaking portuguese
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"Tibúrcio, moleque! Muito Obrigado! Você é um grande amigo pra mim… campeão alemão. Muito fantástico. Fantástico! Obrigado, meu amigo!"

"Tibúrcio, brat! Thank you! You are a great friend to me … German champions. Much fantastic. Fantastic! Thank you, my friend!"

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